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What are Newspaper Classified Ads?

Whether you are looking for candidates for a job vacancy, a bride/groom or wish to sell a cozy apartment in an upcoming neighborhood, newspaper classified ads are the most innate place for an advertiser to be on.Advertisers looking to reach a highly motivated target audience find it to be the perfect compliment for their Ad needs.

As the term implies, classified ads are small sized valuable sought after information clubbed or classified under various heads such as situations vacant, matrimonial, educational, to let, public appointments, court and company notices, tender notices, and so on, published in a separate section of a newspaper or magazine. Such Ads are relatively inexpensive compared to large display advertisements used by businesses. Such ads in newspapers are typically short, usually a column wide and may yield significant returns on investment.

How to book your Newspaper Classified Ads?

Classified ads are the most cost effective advertising tool that you can possibly opt for. releaseMyAd, the largest newspaper Ad agency assists advertisers to book their Ad in any newspaper of the country hassle-free and at the best rates. If you want to book your classified ad(s) via BSPAds, follow the given steps:

1. Select Ad Type, Category and Ad Details

Select your ad type - classified text or classified display based on your requirements.Then choose the relevant category (matrimonial, recruitment, etc.) to view a list of newspaper and exciting offers & discount packages.Based on your budget and needs now you can select the newspaper, the edition, and size of the ad that you want to publish.Check out rates and avail

2. Compose Ad

Proceed to draft your Ad with the assistance of the samples provided. You can choose to add enhancements to your Ad a ike tick, color, etc.

3. Schedule Ad and Make Payment

Now you can select the dates in which you want to publish the Ad.You can then proceed to make payment via our various online/offline modes. Your Ad is now all ready to get published on the selected date.

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